If you uninstall our Get Clicked SEO app, you will lose the structured data we have given your site and Google cannot create rich snippets for you in search results. You will also lose your keyword campaigns that you have created for your pages, along with daily 404 error reporting.

Our app powers your website with something called “structured data.” (Aka: JSON-ld, rich schema markup) Structured data is very important for SEO and is one of the biggest benefits of keeping our app long-term. In fact, structured data is one of the most important factors in Google’s ranking algorithm.

What is structured data?

“Structured data is little bits of code about your products that help Search Engines read the information on your website and display it in search results.” Google can only award you with rich snippets (i.e.enhanced search results such as star ratings, review count, in-stock availability, and pricing information) if you have this code.

Basically Google will see the structured data on your site, and they can choose to award you with something called “rich snippets” which are enhanced search results. If you’ve ever seen a Google search results that shows pricing, availability and a star rating (this is a rich snippet). They stand out and are colorful, so they tend to get a higher click through rate.

By paying a monthly subscription, you get to keep this structured data and we will maintain it for you and update it for you as you change and edit your products. We also keep an eye on when there is a change in Rich Snippet requirements set fourth by Google.

What code will I lose on my site?

If you uninstall our app, you will lose the following:
1.) the structured data we give your site
2.) Your keyword campaigns for each webpage

What other benefits will I lose?

1.) Daily 404 Error Reporting (Helpful for creating redirects that help increase your SEO)
2.) Ongoing maintenance (you’ll no longer be able to discover SEO errors and fixes on your pages)
3.) VIP customer service including email and chat
4.) Access to our Video tutorial library
5.) Access to any existing or new features

Why do I need structured data forever?

There are two reasons.

First of all you probably already have structured data (supplied by your theme) but it’s most likely incomplete or has errors. Having incomplete or incorrect structured data can actually harm your SEO ranking. By having our complete and correct structured data, this will override any error you have and Google will use our code instead to create your rich snippets.

Second of all, Rich snippets take time to get awarded to your site. So you’ll need to always keep our app in order to be eligible for these rich snippets. In addition, you’ll need to keep our app in order for Google to award you with these rich snippets on an on-going basis.

Rich snippets are not instantaneous, it can take a couple weeks or several months to get some of your products to display rich snippets. And as you add new products to your site, the whole process starts all over again in which Google needs to crawl (visit) your website, look at the structured data we’ve given you and then decided whether or not to award you with more rich snippets. Awarding rich snippets is an on-going process with Google (one that never ends).

Our app helps maintain the code so that if there are any changes to Google’s requirements for schema markup, then we will make sure to reflect these changes to our structured data right away. This means we ensure that there are no errors and that your site will be in good standing.

We also help power any changes you make to your products as well as future products, to make sure that they have this extra structured data which helps Google understand what you’re selling and search engines in general can be more likely to show you in search results. Basically structured data helps with your SEO. And while other SEO apps on the Shopify App Store, offer incomplete or broken structured data that can harm your SEO and create errors, ours will always be error free.

No more… daily SEO reports

We also offer daily 404 error reporting. Our app scans your website on a daily basis and reports back any missing or broken pages. So if someone went to a page on your website that didn’t exist, we would record this on our app and let you know that you need to redirect this page to a working URL. By fixing these redirects on an on-going basis, this can help increase your SEO and carry over any “SEO link juice” that you might have lost otherwise.

Develop a Keyword Campaign

Keyword campaigns are one of the best ways to optimize your existing product pages. By selecting the right keyword for your webpages, you can focus on where this target keyword needs to go on your webpage. Our app helps you figure out exactly where your keyword needs to be not only on the frontend but on the backend code that you can’t see.

By uninstalling our app, you will lose access to your keyword campaigns for your entire website.

No more…ongoing maintenance

Our app also diagnoses what types of SEO errors are in your product pages so you can make changes, run our scanner tool, and then fix the issues. You can look at our app as an SEO tool belt. We provide you the hammer and blueprints to build your house.

Best of all, we will always continue to come out with new features that discover more potential weaknesses in your website (so there are always going to be future opportunist for improvements).

No more…VIP customer service

Along with your subscription you get VIP customer service (so you can have your SEO questions answered in a 24 hours or less), plus full access to our video training library.

If you ever have a question along the way or need us to look at something, we’re here to guide you. You look at us as a personal SEO concierge that can help you if you get stuck or need to get pointed in the right direction.


I hope this article has been able to shed some light on this question. If you have any more questions about your subscription or about our app, feel free to contact us here.

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