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best shopify seo apps by adolab

Get Clicked SEO 

Search Engine Optimization for Shopify Stores

Improve your SEO for your Shopify store. We will help you find and fix all of your SEO issues easily. Instantly rank higher on Google. Get more shoppers to visit your website!


SEO Sitemap Builder

SEO & product discovery

Automatically generate an HTML sitemap for your Shopify store. Improve your SEO and help your customers find what they’re looking for.



Disable Right Click Defender

Content protection

You work hard to create the best content for your site both with product descriptions, pages, blog articles and photos. Protect your hard work and prevent people from stealing your content.



Sales Climb Sticky Add to Cart

Increase sales & conversions

The Sales Climb Sticky Add to Cart Shopify app instantly places an bar at the top of each product page which lets the customer instantly checkout. The customer will continuously see the sticky add to cart with a BUY NOW button to increase conversions.


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