Ongoing has just launched customer tagging based on subscriptions groups. Now merchants can easily identify which customers are subscribed to a specific subscription group. This is helpful in lots of different ways.

Being able to identify and isolate customers who have a certain subscription product is super beneficial!

This can help you segment and organize these customers for different marketing campaigns or simply for making your fulfillment process smoother.

Let’s suppose I have a subscription group called “Candle of the Month Club”. Now I can add a customer tag called “candle_box_subscriber” onto this subscription group.

This would allow me to see which customers are subscribed to this group.

So anybody who purchases a subscription plan that belongs to this group would get tagged with the customer tag “candle_box_subscriber”.

This is useful for marketing purposes and also fulfillment. On your Shopify Customers section, you can filter by this customer tag and pull up all customers with this specific tag.

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