Ongoing has just launched our latest update to our subscriptoins software which is the customer portal preview.

This has been a much awaited feature, lots of merchants have been asking to be able to preview the customer portal and now you can!

With one -click view, you now get to see what your customers will see when they visit your customer portal as a subscriber.

On the Ongoing app, you can click on Settings, and then go to your Customer Portal controls that way. Here you can see two different previews of the customer portal.

One view is of a single subscription item, which shows the customer the details of their subscription order.

This contains info like order history, delivery and billing frequency, as well as controls for pausing or cancelling their subscription. They can also update their payment info on the customer portal as well.

The second view is how your customer would view a list of all their subscriptions they have with your store.

Suggested Reading: How Does the Customer Portal Work? (explains how customers will be able to login and see the customer portal and how they get access to it)

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