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Can I Speed Up the Rich Snippets Process?

In order for rich snippets to be created by Google, you’ll first need to wait a minimum of 3-12 weeks for Google to crawl and index your site.
The question we often get is, “Is there anyway to speed up the process of Google crawling and indexing my site?”
Although there is no sure way to do this, you could possibly speed up the process by following our advice below.
You could ask google to crawl and index your website through “Fetch as Google” but this is normally used only for indexing a couple of pages. (For example, if you updated a couple pages that had errors, you would want Google to just re-crawl these specific pages).
However, since you want Google to crawl and index your entire site, we recommend submitting your XML sitemap to Google Search Console. 
The URL for your XML sitemap will look something like this:

This URL is only for search engines so it’s not easily readable by humans, but Google can understand what it says and knows what to do with it.

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